Installation of Air Scrubbers

HEPA Air Scrubbers from


With the increased need to improve internal air quality due to Covid 19, the latest Air Scrubbers provide the ideal solution.  They physically eliminate 99% of both airborne and settled dust, viruses and bacteria, helping to reduce the risk of airborne transmission of Covid-19.

Air scrubbers are advanced air filtration units. Standard air purifiers eliminate airborne particles by filtering them out. Air scrubbers, on the other hand, send out negative ions that attach to both air and surface particles, making them heavier and easier to clean up and filter out.

With the increased need to purify the air, 360 were appointed to install air scrubbers across 3 hospital sites. This was a relatively simple process requiring adaptations to existing M&E works to provide a dedicated power supply.  Air scrubbers can be free standing or use internal ducting via suspended ceilings for optimum air circulation.

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